I’m a hybrid editor/writer/project manager in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your first indication that I may be serious is that my “about” page isn’t in the third person.

These days I work in marketing and communications at The Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit in the refreshingly Not Evil business of creating parks and protecting open space. (And whose opinions I do not represent here, bla bla bla.) My coworkers have called me—with deep affection, I’m sure—a “deadline bulldog” and an “em-dash freak.” If you’re in the market for one of those things, I’m occasionally available for freelance work: you can find portfolio samples of my twee, pun-laced day-job stuff at, if not here.

Perhaps because my career choices all but guarantee that I myself will never own anything, I’m fascinated by public space. In any new city, I gravitate to libraries and cemeteries, subways and sidewalks—and, of course, parks. I like to play outside, often riding and racing and crashing and breaking mountain and cyclocross bikes, but I’m making little forays into trad climbing and will try anything that gets the wind in my face. I dream in singletrack; I am happiest when wretchedly exhausted under a big sky.

Like this.