Southern New Mexico + El Paso, 1/19–1/22

My birthday is on Inauguration Day*, which means I spent my 30th mourning the simultaneous demise of my youth and American democracy. I want to make it up to myself this year, so I've planned a self-indulgent weekend in southern New Mexico—some time to bop around the national parks and not think about politics. Checking … Continue reading Southern New Mexico + El Paso, 1/19–1/22


Winter miscellany, December–March

Yosemite This annual trip has trended larger and younger lately; there’s a lot of spontaneous group singing. The moment a girl unzips her puffy to reveal a sweatshirt announcing “FEMALE FRIENDSHIP” in white script is the moment I accept that I can’t hang. I bow out to instead walk 16 miles alone to Glacier Point, … Continue reading Winter miscellany, December–March

Summer/fall 2017, reader’s digest

or: Can't take me anywhere; I go anyway Oakridge, 7/1–7/4 Here my sins against stoke included napping in the shuttle van instead of riding Hardesty and getting so pissed off at Middle Fork—the most miserable, deadfall-strewn, mosquito-ridden bushwack I have ever (barely) pedaled: 57 bites accumulated while sweating it out in a jacket—that I opted for … Continue reading Summer/fall 2017, reader’s digest

Ogden, Park City, Salt Lake City, 7/22–7/26

Planes, trains, and automobiles; cowboys and Indians; fire and rain Planes   Outside the Ogden Air Force Base museum the planes stand serene against the hazy backdrop of the Wasatch, casting their own shade. Inside there are more—old bombers painted with pin-up girls and little Hitlers in crosshairs—and also a replica of a North Korean … Continue reading Ogden, Park City, Salt Lake City, 7/22–7/26