insult (and injury) to injury

At this point I've gotten pretty good at life on one leg. So last week, for some added interest, I figured I'd take one hand out of commission, too. I accomplished this through a combination of crutch use, residual effects of a five-year-old shoulder injury, and the sheer gall of presuming to go swimming. Whatever the precise distribution of blame amongst those three factors, the end result was … Continue reading insult (and injury) to injury


Dispatches from the bright side

Today marks one month of the fracture (fractious?) waiting game. With a bit of luck, that's halfway to walking—but given that I managed to break four metatarsals within sight of my own bed, I'm, uh ... not making assumptions. In any case, it seems a good time to review some aspects of this thing that I appreciate: 1) I'm (thus far) not in a cast. Nothing … Continue reading Dispatches from the bright side